Simple sustainable-gardening tips to keep plants safe against pests

The biggest happiness for plant lovers is a garden blooming with a wide range of flowers, a variety of fruits, and vegetables. Using Organic Pesticides and eco-friendly practices of sustainable gardening enhances the quality and longevity of the plants. Sustainable Gardening practice tricks create positive benefits, improves air quality, and even protects the surroundings and environment.

The plants usually catch the disease when three points coincide. 

  • When you have a sick plant. 
  • Pathogens such as pests, fungus, viruses, or bacteria are already there that can attack a plant.
  • Lastly, the weather conditions such as humidity, drought, and overwatering.

Garden Pest Control practice is the most necessary step in your garden and everyone should get it. So rather than using pesticides to help your plant, you can follow the Natural and Sustainable Garden Pest Removing Tips and Tricks. Sustainable gardening is the most environmentally friendly gardening practice which causes no harm to the earth as well as the plant. Therefore, it enhances the plant and its health.

Below Are Some Simple Sustainable Gardening Tips That Help You To Keep Your Plants Healthy And Free From Pests.

  1. Clean Soil

Good soil naturally prevents pests. But it comes with a disadvantage as it takes time to prepare. Always, use Garden Pesticides and organic matter such as compost. This will add a natural essential element to your soil. After that, cover the tilled soil with black plastic for around six months. The naturally built heat will kill most garden pests, insects, and weeds. Lastly, smoothly cultivate soil after removing the plastic. Thus, the soil is ready for planting, and its most sustainable technique to prevent the disease from plants.

  1. Barriers

Various man-made barriers are being used to stop these pests. Usually, people use the physical barriers that include the use of fine nets by putting nets over the plants and leaving sufficient space for the plant. This is the easiest and most sustainable and harmless to the environment method. Also, it saves you from hiring expensive Pest Control Services

  1. Hand Picking The Larger Pests

It is the simplest but time-consuming method. It is best for small household gardens. Insects such as caterpillars, slugs, snails can be handpicked easily with a pair of gardening gloves.

  1. Selectively Prune Away The Dead Parts  

This method helps to keep all the plants healthy, as the small weak branches are more likely to be affected by diseases. Which can later become a problem for nearby plants too. So be sure to pluck the dead branches and shoot from time to time for gold air circulation.

  1. Use Of Insect Traps 

This is the most trending, useful, and sustainable method to prevent a plant from pests. The self-made or easily available yellow sticky cards are placed between the shoots or branches. They can catch various garden bugs that are travelling here and there in your garden. These traps can solve your problems and protect you from Pest infestations in your garden. 

  1. Crop Rotation

It is the most common and oldest method of gardening to prevent diseases. Different crops should be grown in different areas. If it remains in the same place the bugs can attack the crops. It also keeps the soil fertile and filled with nutrients and increases its productivity.

  1. Properly Watering The Plants

Watering is this super essential part of gardening. The method of watering a plant plays a vital role in preventing it from Garden Pests. Water should always be given early in the morning as the cooler night light time is the ideal condition for attracting fungus, pests, and other diseases. Also, water should be given only to the soil and not to the branches.

  1. Keep The Plants In Perfect Place

Crops should always be planted in the ideal conditions and areas. Every plant needs full sunshine and water accordingly. If a plant needs more water to grow,  it should be planted in such an area where it stays moist for a longer period. Therefore plants not grown in the right areas can weaken and succumb to it.

PRO Tips And Tricks To Remember.

  • Use neem oil spray to prevent the plants from pests.
  • Choose natural pest-resistant varieties of plants.
  • Grow natural, strong scented herbs near your plants that can deter pests. 
  • Few pests in the garden are a good thing. In other words, it works as bait for beneficial insects to stick around.
  • Try to strengthen your garden’s ecosystem.
  • Keep your garden clean.
  • Examine the plant before purchasing.
  • Use yard waste as compost.
  • If using, apply the correct fertilizer.
  • Don’t overcrowd the plants.

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